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ציוד רפסודה תחתית


fender deville 212 made in usa

bassman 69' with 4x10' fender cabinet

halilit with 4x12' with marchall 

bass amp -gallien kruger rb1001 with 1x18'

and 4x10'

הגברת חדר

pa - three way jbl

2 subs and 2 tops

5 monitors yamaha

drum monitor rcf x2

4 monitor eaw

crest amp system

ציוד הקלטה

2x orion antelope 32ch

soundcraft MH4 preamps

2 neve portico 517 x2

8 signal vacuum tube preamps v800

7 hearback personal mixer

lexicon pcm42

lexicon lxp1

ashly comp cg85e

dbx 160a x2

dbx 166 x2

ssl stereo comp

apogee ensamble

כלי נגינה

grand piano yamaha g2

drums - yamaha stage custom  22' 16' 14' 12' 

bass- fender precsion plus (81')

acustic - simon and patric with fishman pickup

classic - admira with pickup

 electric piano - Yamaha P115

hammond l103


neumann u87a

 akg d12 kick mic

rode nt2

rode nt5 -2x

akg 2000b

audio technica at 2050

sp cn1

shure- 58 x6/beta 58 x2

beta 57 x2/  sm57 x3

shure beta 52

sennheiser e609

audix d3 x3

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