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ציוד רפסודה עילית


fender deville 212 

fender deluxe

 fender frontman

bass amp -gallien kruger rb700with 1x18'

and 2x10'

הגברת חדר

pa - 2 way 

1 sub and 2 tops apogee

3 monitors yamaha

1 active monitors

2 monitor eaw

ציוד הקלטה

rm 24 presonus

24 channels

midas 32ch preamps


כלי נגינה

drums - ludwig accent

20' 14' 12' 10'

bass- fender precsion plus (81')

acustic - simon and patric with fishman

classic - admira with pickup

- electric piano yamaha p125

- upright piano with pickup  "kraus"


rode nt2

akg 2000b

audio technica at 2050

sp cn1

shure- 58 x2/beta 57 x1

beta 58 x2/  sm57 x2

akg bass mic d112

audix d2 x2

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